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Dr.O.K.Wack Chemie GmbH


The success of the past 30 years confirms that innovative and high standard of quality products are always guaranteed a ready market.

The process of continuous optimization and refinement have become the central preconition for successfully challenging global competition. The concept that “whoever ceases to be better also ceases to be good” continues to remain the primary consideration of all future activities of Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie.

Now that Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie is the No.1 in the European market in the field of high-tech-cleaning, it is the declared aim of our company to achieve undisputed international market leadership. Close co-operation with reputed universities and leading scientists, as well as comprehensive investment in the R & D field, guarantee that only the most up-to-date technological standards will continue to be maintained in the future.

In the consumer goods area there continues to remain the need to discover new market niches and to find the most technologically effective product solutions to satisfy these specific demands. The successful individual brand concept will be retained with the aim of gaining the quality and market leadership in new niches and to develop new markets.

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Šepić Commerce d.o.o.

OIB: 91110353058
MBS: 080281995
Temeljni kapital: 24.400,00 kn
Odgovorna osoba: Marijan Šepić


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Adresa: Rastočka 14, 10020 Novi Zagreb, Blato
Telefon: +385 1 6141 062
Fax: +385 1 6542 866

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Pon-Pet 9,00 do 19,00
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Dugogodišnja tradicija u opremi, za vas i vašeg metalnog ljubimca. Zastupnici smo za većinu proizvoda vezanih uz moto sport i rekreativce na 2 kotača. Posjetite nas i uvjerite se u kvalitetu naše ponude.